Since 2006, our organization has helped talented amateur hockey players develop their skill sets and hockey sense as well as gain valuable exposure to higher levels of the game.  During that time, we have seen hundreds of our players take their game to levels beyond youth hockey - junior hockey, college hockey, and pro hockey.  Team Five Hole Hockey builds off that experience by offering youth players a unique opportunity to continue their development process in a setting that mirrors what they will experience in the junior hockey world and beyond.

Team Five Hole offers talented, driven, aspiring players the opportunity to play and be coached at the AAA level in the spring and summer.  Team 5 Hole Hockey is a development track for players:  an opportunity to learn from new coaches, an opportunity to learn from new teammates, and opportunity to learn how to think the game and apply their skills in new ways and an opportunity to showcase their skills in an effort to expand their hockey horizons.  It starts with professional coaching, progresses to development through high intensity training and high  level competition while focusing on how to play the game ultimately culminating with opportunities that include exposure to higher levels of the game.  We not only cultivate player skills and hockey sense, more importantly, we teach how to apply it in a team-first environment.  Additionally, all of our coaches actively provide education and guidance for players and their families on pursuing higher level opportunities in the sport.

Our goal is to provide players with a top notch development opportunity to help each player maximize their potential and ultimately have the opportunity to pursue playing at high levels beyond youth hockey.  We strive to help  each player to improve from the start of mini-camp to the end of the last tournament as well as from one year to the next.  Each team will operate with our core values in mind:

Development We will focus on the development of our players in a team-first environment with their long-term best interests in mind.  Areas of emphasis include:  hockey sense, and development of transferable skills.

Commitment  We will commit maximum effort on and off the ice to pursue our goals both athletically and academically.  We will actively advocate on behalf of our players to help them advance when the time is right.

Character  We will represent ourselves, our families, and our program with integrity on and off the ice at all times and without exception.  We will be respectful of our teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and parents and we will be coach-able.

The Team Five Hole Hockey Program is  nation-wide in scope.  We actively recruit players into the program to supplement our core.  Players come to the program from a variety of states (currently 15+) with a variety of backgrounds.  Recruiting efforts focus on the upside potential and character of a player.   We are not interested in where you’ve played or what you’ve won.  We are interested in who you are, what your compete level is, and where you are going.  Team Five Hole Hockey trains both in the Midwest and in the Northeast in order to accommodate our player base.  We will compete in high quality events in a variety of locations in both the U.S. and Canada.

2022 Team Five Hole Hockey Highlights include:

  • U18 AAA Team (birth years 2004 & 2005)  Head Coaches Chris Blaisuis 
  • U16 AAA Team (2006 birth year) Head Coach TBD
  • U15 AAA Team ( 2007 birth year) Head Coach Andy Holmes
  • 3-4 mini-camp training weekends  to be held Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena in Columbus, IN.
  • 2-3 competition weekends - Please note, any teams playing in Canada - passports and vaccine requirements will apply.
  • All weekends include both on and off ice events.  Off ice includes team video sessions, team chalk-talk sessions, informational seminars, and training.
  • Player apparel package includes custom home and away jerseys, practice jersey, socks, 1/4 zip, and off ice workout gear.
  • Each player will have a profile complied which is made available to coaches and scouts.
  • We will leverage our network of contacts in the hockey world to help promote our players that are looking for a place to play next season.
  • Team 5HH will not take the place of any in season team on which a player participates.
  • Our coaches will coach across all of the teams.  Each team will have a dedicated Head Coach who will be assisted by all of the other coaches on the Team Five Hole Hockey staff.
  • Additional details in Flyer links below.

Note: all cost and schedule details will be distributed to participating players as part of the invitation process.

Ready to take the next step in your hockey journey?
We are actively building our 2022 teams currently.  It is impossible for us to see everyone in those efforts.  If you are a talented, driven, aspiring player born between 2004 - 2007 and wish to be considered for one of these teams, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  We will gladly review your qualifications and proceed accordingly.

Please send all inquiries to: Andy Holmes @


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Team Five Hole Hockey Program

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2021 MN Independent Classic 16 AAA Runner Up

2021 New England Lobsterfest 14 AAA Champions