Five Hole Hockey was founded in 2006 by Andy, Jaime, Ron, and Marion Holmes. Our goal remains the same today as it was 13 years ago, to help hockey players develop on and off the ice and to help them use the game to advance themselves in the world.  Through the years our programs and coaches have changed but the one constant has been our successful achievement of what we set out to do.  As we reflect back on it all we are very proud of the players, parents, and coaches we have met and helped over the years. 

2006 - 2016  Five Hole Hockey Junior Prospects Camp & Select Prospects Camp

Our program centered on an annual Prospects Camp held each spring in Indianapolis, IN.  The camp was designed to help players ages 15-19 create opportunities for themselves in the world of junior hockey and to help educate players and parents on what it takes to be successful beyond youth hockey.  During this time the US junior system was strengthening and growing considerably from one year to the next.  The camp quickly grew to the point that we had players attending from across the US, Canada, and even Europe and it gained a reputation among many junior coaches and scouts as a must attend event as part of their annual recruiting trips.  Throughout the 10 years we ran this camp we saw a variety of talented and driven players come through it and we were able to help them gain quality, appropriate options at the next level. As a result, we saw an extremely high success rate for our players as well as for the coaches and scouts that attended.  Each year upwards of 95% of the players in the camp were receiving options from multiple junior teams and we saw them then go on to play junior, college, and professional hockey.  We are very thankful for the great friendships, experience, and reputation that was built during these years.

2013 - Present  Five Hole Hockey Future Stars Program

Over the years  as our lives changed, family grew, and the hockey world evolved our programs adapted.  We began our annual summer Future Stars program as a way to keep a small group of 6 & 7 year olds learning skills and having fun on the ice in the off season.  The program quickly grew to the point that, in 2018, it covered mites through U16 midgets.  This program has been and remains our on ice presence in Central, PA where we are located.  Throughout the years, this program has been very worthwhile to us and a lot of fun to run.  It’s proven to be a great vehicle for focusing on skill and hockey sense development with players helping to give them the tools that, too many times, get overlooked during the season.  Our focus on development has continued with this program and it is evidenced by seeing some of these young players advancing to the Tier 1 AAA level now.

2017 - Present Team Five Hole Hockey

As the hockey world continues to evolve, so has our organization.  It became evident to us that the model we developed with our annual Prospects Camp was successful, so much so, that the market became diluted.  Additionally, we were seeing the compete level and commitment level of the average player decline.  As a result, we decided to head in a new direction while keeping our development and advancement focus.  Team Five Hole Hockey is our vehicle to really dial it all in: identify talented, driven, committed players that show upward potential and provide both players and parents with the on and off ice tools and knowledge, and networking contacts that will position them to pursue their hockey dreams beyond the youth levels.  Through our first 2 years, we have seen the program grow quickly, doubling in size each year.  We look to continue that trend in 2019 and are excited to see what new successes our players find!

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